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Welcome to our office in Hamburg Ottensen. This is where our award-winning digital products are created.


Our company philosophy

In conversation we often experience it: „You develop individual software?“ The eyebrows are raised, sighed – and then we talk about technology. How difficult it is to integrate them. That it never does what it should. That „everything has been tried“. And that there is no simple solution in a specific case anyway. After all, technology is complicated and nobody understands it anyway.

This is exactly what we want to change: We want to make dreamers dream again. Of simple product development, quick results and fulfilled expectations. Of fighting for the best idea and its targeted implementation. And yes, also of powerful technology. We have that like only few. But it is our tool, not an end in itself. That’s why we don’t like to talk about it. We prefer making dreams come true.



Norman Schöneich

Norman Schöneich

CTO / managing director

Gaußstraße 126
22765 Hamburg

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German CEO Excellence awards 2022
EU Business Batch

How we see dreamIT

I have been with dreamIT from the very beginning, I find it exciting to see how we are constantly evolving and putting our work online in daily releases. I am proud of the product, the great growth and love to achieve goals together.


Chief Operation Officer


Where we are dreaming

The dreamIT should be a space in which everyone can realize themselves. With generous areas to think freely, talk freely – and code freely. After all, we achieve the best results when we feel comfortable and enjoy what we do. Only then can this joy be found in every project we tackle.
DreamIT Büro
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What we experience

We regularly undertake something together that we enjoy and that is not too commonplace. For example going bouldering. Having breakfast together. Or simply drink a beer and toast together to personal results. And once a week we have a delicious warm meal at lunchtime. We can imagine everything, except one thing: having to work every day with people we don’t really want to have anything to do with. That’s why we live the dream team spirit, even outside of project work.


Where we are located

In Hamburg dreamIT has grown up and will always be at home here. In our office in Ottensen, we have not only built up our team, but have also pursued a long lasting agile change towards self-organisation and made our projects successful.


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Gaußstraße 126
22765 Hamburg

DreamIT Büro



We believe in the approach that a team must function like a startup. Give them everything they need to be able to work and make decisions independently. Product owners, developers and QA united in one team can deliver innovative results and take responsibility for their developed features.

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