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Teamwork and self-organization – Become part of a cross-functional team of product owners, frontend developers, backend developers, QAs and devops.

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New project, new challenge. We are always looking for talented personalities and team players with a high willingness to learn and the motivation to help build a new online platform. Take the challenge and write our success story with every line of code. Find the job offer that suits you and apply now!


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In a familiar and open atmosphere we work together in a team of about 30 developers, QAs and DevOps. We code in Kotlin (backend) and Typescript (frontend) in a continuous delivery environment and put a lot of emphasis on quality and clean code.

We are dreamIT and we all share a passion for technology and the products we develop every day. In our latest project we have deployed a new online platform, call ourselves now also Kotlin developers and vue.js developers and support new employees to quickly find their way in our service technology with new technologies.

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Become part of something big and further develop our new online platform, which we launched in 2021. Every day new tasks to solve together as a team! Are you excited about the new challenge of developing an online product that is used worldwide? You would like to take on a lot of responsibility and have room for your own ideas and implementations? Take the chance and with a short mail we are already in contact…

" Want to develop features for our newest online platform? "
Frederik Koenig

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