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Our Services

Expand or build a new 
development team


Chosing software developers

First, we need to know how many developers and of what level of expertise you need


Team deployment

After you choose your software engineers, they will get into the project specifics


Day-to-day support

From now on, we support you on a daily basis and participate in every project standups


Kick-off Meeting
We start with a quick call to talk a bit more 
about your project specifics


Set up a team

Then, on the basis of the complexity of the idea,
we will construct a team of developers


Start of development
With a project team tailored to your needs, we are 
ready to start accelerating your development
dreamIT offers professional IT consulting services. By sharing with our clients professional knowledge about 
modern solutions and our extensive experience in the field of software development, tests, audits of applications
or business system implementations. We help them in the implementation of complex projects and enable them 
to gain a competitive advantage.

Tech specialist

Tech specialist you can get with our 
IT Staff Augmentation


Why you should try

Icon dollar
No infrastructure investment
Robust hardware, cutting-edge development software – we already have all this
Icon time
Reduces time on recruitment
Our staff will be ready to start working with you within 10 business days
Icon Keine Grenzen
No geographical limitations
We have over 6 development centers in European countries and the United States
Eliminates the additional costs
Outsourcing specialists allows you to save money on renting offices
Icon graph
Longterm cooperation
We and our developers are focusing on longterm business realtionship
Icon Englischkenntnisse
Profficient english
There is no communication issue because 100% of our international team members speak English.

Our Services

Expand or build a new
development team

Szymon Nowak
Case studies

Partnerssuccess Stories

The quality of the developers is outstanding. They added great value to the project and were significant producers for the achievements of our delivery dates.

Szymon Nowak, CTO of Digital Colliers

Robert Fink

Case studies

Partners success- stories

The work of dreamIT has the breadth our company increased so that our own team could focus on other processes. dreamIT has strong communication skills and managed to meet the project deadlines despite to adhere to the tight time frame.
Robert Fink, Executive Partner of Advergy
Luke Sobier

Case studies

Partners success- stories

Their expertise, their diligence and their proactive approaches stand out the most. dreamIT is very productive and show great skills in communication, Teamwork and architecture. You are familiar with best practices and share their experiences.

Luke Sobier, CTO of Glimat Tractor Parts

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Norman Schöneich

Norman Schöneich

CTO / managing director

Gaußstraße 126
22765 Hamburg

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German CEO Excellence awards 2022
EU Business Batch

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a type of outsourcing by which the vendor of staff augmentation services provides required specialists to a client. There are a few models of IT staffing including traditional IT staffing agencies, master vendor staffing providers, specialized staffing, staff augmentation consulting, etc.

Staff augmentation is the use of extra specialists on a temporary basis to power up an in-house team. Staff augmentation companies help you augment the capacity of your company by recruiting and hiring required specialists.
Resource augmentation is also known as staff augmentation. Companies hire specialists on a contract basis, based on the length and scope of the project.

Working with teams in CEE brings no time-zone issues for the EU. dreamIT teams adapt to a half-day intersection with the USA and Canada on average, with an option of having full office hours (EST) intersection for some specialists

Start with defining the project team gaps that require special skills or expertise. With the help of your IT Staff Augmentation partner perform technical interviews with selected candidates. Choose the candidates that perfectly fit your requirements and authorize the contract.
There is no communication issue because 100% of our international team members speak English.

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